The development of the machine learning model has developed newer techniques, and in recent times it has changed almost every aspect of the tech world. The development is so vast that Machine Learning modules have also started to permeate in the everyday aspects, which are outside of the office. For a common man, it is easier to understand this way that Machine Learning is the basis through which Facebook knows what search results a person would like to see in the autocomplete feature. This is also the basis of Visualization Insights.

Visualization Approaches and Their Application

Through the application of Predictive aspect, Machine Learning helps in a systematic combing throughout the data and identifies pre-determined patterns. Machine Learning keeps on learning from the ongoing data function and applies the learning in a future application. This helps business to be sure about predictions, without relying on “gut feel.”

Prescriptive Analytics
Prescriptive Analytics means when the system helps in “prescribing” various actions for a solution. In other words, analytics work as a piece of advice. Some actions are shortlisted, and they are guided towards a solution. It helps in quantifying the decisions to be taken in the future, and their possible outcome before even the decision is taken.

Anomaly Detection
Visualization helps in Anomaly Detection and prevents business from entering into an unwanted situation. Visualization helps in understanding and identifying any unwanted or abnormal values in the data, which are not required and can hamper the functioning of the whole system. Removal of such anomalies is important for the “healthy” functioning of the system.

Word Clouds
WordCloud refers to a particular technique of visualization, which helps in highlighting important textual data points out of a big text mass. This technique helps in the identification of important data points in the text and also potential features. In the WordCloud function, the common words that appear in the text are highlighted in large and bold format.

When the numerical data and its distribution are accurately represented, the technique is called histogram. Histogram focuses on the estimation of probability and its distribution in the continuous variable aspect. The histogram is a plot that helps in the understanding of the distribution of features of the dataset. In the histogram, bins are created for numeric features, and then each bin is counted on the basis of a number of observations. These charts are closely related to each other, and the names are used interchangeably on various occasions.

When two paired data samples are focused, and their relationship is taken into consideration, it is the function of Scatter Plot. It further means that various observations are recorded for any given observation, for example; the height and weight of any given person. The x-axis is the representation of the values of the first sample, and the y-axis is the representation of the other.

Decision Trees
Decision Trees is an essential model for understanding how models look like “gradient boosting machines” work. Although, the visualization packages are somewhat undeveloped and are not very helpful for the novice. The Decision Trees model helps sort this problem and works on the function of binary trees. It helps in understanding the relationship between observations in a training set and their target values.


When data visualization has become an inseparable part of various businesses, it is required to be efficient, informative, appealing and also predictive. With every day gone by, data visualization is becoming an inseparable part of our lives, and we need to understand its implications.

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