The pursuit of being the very best is a constant endeavor. To achieve supremacy in any field, you need to have the best workforce. But human beings are prone to error, have limited capabilities, and have to be accounted for paying them a proper wage. Humans also get tired and have many needs, so it is unwise to hire someone for a menial task. This is especially true for those cases where you can automate the task thanks to the tools available.

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Artificial Intelligence has blessed us with the ability to automate mundane tasks and make accurate predictions. According to a PWC survey in 2018, 54% of business execs admitted that productivity increased throughout their entire organization after adopting AI.

If you are looking to achieve digital supremacy with the help of AI, ask yourself:

1. “What are the processes in my business that I can automate?”

2. “What are the things in my business that I need to predict effectively?”

If you wish to implement AI but are not sure which areas to start implementing it, read on:



One of the most human-centric businesses around the world is call centers. Their entire model revolves around providing the best possible experience to the customer either for another business, or they are a part of a larger business. The goal of running a call center is to solve problems that only another human can understand. Humans understand other humans’ emotions, so if a customer is distressed, then the agent can empathize with them and provide a solution while also giving them emotional support.

There is, however, a technology on the horizon that can change the entire landscape of virtual assistance. In 2018’s Google I/O event, the company unveiled the Google Duplex project. The technology demonstrated the AI placing an appointment at a hair salon. The lady on the other end of the phone was unaware that she was conversing with an overpowered chatbot.

It is expected that in the next ten years, companies will phase out humans and replace them with technology similar to Google Duplex. If you need to improve your customer experience, you need to keep an eye out for this technology.

We are looking to having more than just a glorified chatbot. These are going to be intelligent virtual assistants that will completely change the world.


No matter how good of a product you have, it cannot sell on its own. You need an effective marketing and sales department to be successful. As the world progresses, it is important to keep up with the changing landscape of marketing and learn new and better sales tactics. Thanks to social media’s popularity, you can find the exact customer that needs what you have to offer. The overabundance of data there is what fuels so much research and progress.

AI helps to target the correct demographic and helps build new customers. Bottomline is, a business needs to make sales, so everything around it serves that purpose.

You should be running your sales through your website, and the process should be clean and simple. Automate email conversations that can take responses and evaluate the customers’ needs without human intervention.


For any workplace, the employees are the most important asset. To hire the best of the best, the HR department does vigorous checks of the applicants to find the most suitable candidate. Your business relies on hiring the best of the best, but going through thousands of resumes can be a daunting task. Resume analyzers are the perfect tool for this purpose. You can feed in all your resumes, and it will let you know if a resume is worth looking at or not.

It may be weird that machines determine the fate of many applicants and help identify the best candidates. But this is the way forward as only the best of the best with the most skills will survive as more less-skilled work gets automated.

According to a survey conducted by Oracle, we learned that AI could offer different learning opportunities to HR professionals. In return, they are ready to be more strategic in their approach; especially, if you’re a technical recruiter. Opportunities like application processing, preparing user-friendly platforms and reducing abandoned applications are quite possible with AI in the frame.


Have you ever shopped at Amazon and noticed that you receive recommendations for products? Many times, those recommendations are things you would be interested in purchasing. This is thanks to their excellent AI-powered recommendation system.

Recommendation systems aren’t limited to eCommerce platforms. The two of the most well-known systems are implemented at Netflix and Amazon. Both are designed to learn your tastes and needs and cater to them by finding and recommending you items you are most likely to consume. Recommendation systems are a critical feature, especially if you have an eCommerce platform of your own.


There are many more areas where AI can be used and is used for helping us increase productivity. Modern manufacturing requires plenty of automation, so does quality control. AI will continue to become better and help overcome challenges that seemed possible only by humans. There is no final frontier to how much AI can improve.

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