Artificial Intelligence seems like a silver lining among the dark clouds considering that we’re in the middle of a dangerous pandemic. From employers laying off their workers to save expenses; to cutting down operations, it’s safe to say that it’s chaos! On the other hand, some organizations are making the most out of a standstill world, i.e., technological innovations.

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With organizations finding ways to cope with the new normal of remote working and Automation, you can’t help but wonder, “what’s next?” However, as we begin our days in 2021, we realize that we’re also only starting in the new digital world. From the rapid rise of the 5G internet to incorporating several AI applications, it’s clear that AI will revolutionize our future! But what are the major trends on offer for the next year? Let’s find out!

Trends on Offer for the Future

Artificial intelligence umbrellas a myriad of technological innovations in today’s digitally advanced era. It also unearths several innovative opportunities in the limelight! Below mentioned are a few of the trends in AI which are expected for the next year!

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

Most of us are aware of the rapid rise of the Internet of Things, but what about the Artificial Intelligence of Things? This perfect blend of AI and IoT is one of the most anticipated AI trends for 2021! With IoT, devices connected to the internet will have the ability to learn from the collected data. Apart from that, these devices can also understand your speech without sending the data to the cloud.

Experts believe that more than 28% of the homes in the U.S. will be smart by 2021. Several tech-giants like Amazon and Google using the concepts of machine learning and AI to improve sustainability in their operations. The best part is that this unique blend of AI and IoT is still in its earliest days. So, we can expect great things to come in the near future.

AI-Driven Automation

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has enabled organizations to ensure business resilience with automated operations. Keep in mind that intelligence is a critical element for automating operations to a significant level. In addition to that, with digital glorification as the end goal, technological practices like Automation can help organizations perform efficiently.

Furthermore, innovative practices like the addition of AI-driven virtual assistants can help employees put two and two together and enhance their operational performance. Let’s take the example of Automation Anywhere, which used AARI, a digital assistant who helped employees get more comfortable with AI. Let’s not forget, and AI is empowering businesses to make work lives better – for a long time!

AI-Powered Chatbots

Today, customer satisfaction is the new mantra for business growth. To ensure complete satisfaction, both senior management and the workforce are working tirelessly to ensure that. However, hiring a massive workforce is not a feasible option, especially in these dark times! With the advent of AI-powered chatbots, business owners are provided with several opportunities to expand their horizons on a global scale.

Furthermore, organizations have already begun their AI transformation by using chatbots. Enterprises like Pizza Hut and Sephora are rapidly migrating to the robust world of AI and making inroads. These AI-powered chatbots have been considered the missing element to maximize customer service results to resolve bottlenecks.



Artificial Intelligence in Business – A New Technological Spectrum on the Rise

It’s hard to believe that many people still associate Artificial Intelligence with science fiction. In fact, the concept is slowly paving the way in our lives and holding a commonplace there. Let’s look at it this way, Alexa, the Virtual Assistant, is found in a number of homes today!

In business, AI has a wide array of applications. From dealing with mundane tasks like data entry to catering to breathtaking operations like chatbots, AI has taken the digital business world by storm! However, with AI proliferating virtually on a daily basis, businesses must maintain a competitive edge to stay ahead in the game!

Furthermore, businesses these days are opting to adopt a customer-centric approach; which makes customers’ preferences invaluable. With AI in the frame, businesses have all the tools to maintain and thrive in today’s fierce competition. From understanding and engaging consumers to automating business procedures; AI has become the catalyst to achieve business excellence.

Another point to note is that organizations were nowhere during the pre-AI era. You’d witness them taking three to five years to launch an initiative. Similarly, more than 70% of the business leaders believe that they will be out of business if they don’t transition towards AI.



Artificial Intelligence has been the buzzword for a few years now and has been witnessing considerable momentum. According to a report on Forrester, more than one-third of the organizations seek the assistance of smart technology to improve their business outcomes. From healthcare sectors to marketers, businesses of different niches find ways to apply AI safely and boldly for their operations. And the goal remains the same, i.e., to emerge victorious in today’s digital era! Let the Power of Artificial Intelligence Guide Your Business towards Digital Glory, by Experienced Technologists at your side! Connect With Us Now!

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