Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) is capable of mapping out the answers for businesses with respect to their target customers.


For instance,

Which products are getting maximum attraction?
What pages are getting maximum traffic and why?
Why some products are not registering any sale at all? Etc.

The high-end technologies can provide deep insights to companies by analyzing real-time data and finding the patterns.


Data Empowering Lead Generation

Businesses usually follow the regular drill of reaching out to the audience, collecting the contact information, and then introducing them to their product/service to get sales & conversions. But the very first step of lead generation is challenging. If there is data present then AI & ML can help you figure out

How your website should look like?
How long or short your contact form should be?
What landing pages are essential to attract visitors

If a user searches for high pricing products then your website or app should suggest only those products that fall in that range.

Data’s Valuable Insights For Optimization Of User Experience

A business tracks real-time data of users using cookies, which can then be put through these high-end technologies. Based on the choices user takes while navigating through the website such as clicking on the call to actions and other interesting web links, the businesses can optimize the website to enhance user experience. For instance, when a user lands on the website it can be optimized for the banners, the amount of text shown overall, the number of fields in a form, etc.

Treating each customer differently

Gone are the days when the same website greeted every customer. Today it’s a different ball game altogether. Thanks to AI & ML that tracks the data and identifies user behavior. Upon its application, the website can now show specific deals, appealing pop-ups, user-specific recommendations & landing pages, etc. If a user is interested to buy shoes the recommendation can offer different brands, colors, sizes, or types rather than a different product.

Biometric calculation

Will you be amazed to know that technology like AI & ML can actually record and register the facial expressions and eye movement? Yes, it true and already happening. If a user is viewing a landing page for a product sale then the technology will record which area of a landing page is getting maximum engagement. This biometric evaluation can be game-changing for businesses, especially those who are looking to sell high-end products like software, machinery, solar equipment, etc.


The future will be all about certainty and no guesswork. With a few A/B testing, the technology will be able to indicate what will work best for a business and what changes are necessary. Data, in the coming years, will be the key to unlock all the winning secrets for running a business.
In case your business has recently migrated to digital space or has been in the digital sphere for quite some time, you can get your hands in this technology too. Winjit, an emerging key player of AI & ML, can customize the technology to suit your business needs. Contact our business heads today and share your requirements.

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