• 60% Faster

  • 40%
    Lower cost

  • 100+

  • 10x Better

AI is key to unlocking value from enterprise data investments. PredictSense enables businesses to monetize critical data infrastructure and technology investments by creating AI driven advanced analytical solutions rapidly
  • Become AI First

    Empower data science and business teams with advanced capabilities
    to quickly build and deploy robust technology solutions at scale

  • Productize faster

    Easily integrate AI into the current product
    ecosystem and fast track GTM for new AI solutions

  • Drive Efficiency

    Incur huge savings in cost, time and effort by
    building complex ML models in AutoML

  • Improve the Bottom Line

    Increase revenue by optimizing business operations and maximizing customer
    satisfaction levels through the power of AI

  • Achieve Robust Governance

    Centralize MLOps and enable teams to collaborate on, share, and export
    ML projects with ease and simplicity

Platform Offerings


Automate the process of building ML models

ML project management
Explainable AI

Get visual explanation for model prediction


Manage end-to-end ML pipelines

Click and Code
Automated model
Deployment and Monitoring

Achieve sustained business transformation with

With innovation speeding in leaps and bounds, it is important to democratize technology to extract maximum business value and drive sustained digital transformation. PredictSense is an intuitive ML platform that facilitates the necessary access to technology and helps your internal teams efficiently collaborate on multiple business models with speed and scale.

PredictSense for

PredictSense for Banking

PredictSense revolutionizes banking with end-to-end AI solutions.

Its AutoML-driven platform enhances predictive analytics,
automates decision-making, and accelerates the integration of machine intelligence,

Ushering in a transformative era of efficient and intelligent banking processes.

PredictSense for
ML Teams

PredictSense for ML Teams

Work with a Python and Jupyter
notebook-based interface

Build quality models with a clear focus on data science

Deploy and monitor models in

PredictSense for
BI Teams

PredictSense for BI Teams

Simplify tasks with a visual drag and drop and a clickable UI

Build multiple models simultaneously
with AutoML

Deploy to production endpoints with a
single click

PredictSense for
Project Managers

PredictSense for Project Managers

Achieve high productivity for data and
business teams

Reuse, re-share, and export models

Collaborate and govern the MLOps
environment securely

Effortlessly scale your AI initiatives

PredictSense helps organizations build and scale enterprise data science projects while maintaining a steady focus on achieving higher business impact.

AI made simple
and easily
available to all
Secure platform
to manage
enterprise ML
architecture to
accelerate the
development and
deployment of
strategic ML
MLOps for
and better

How does PredictSense work?

PredictSense democratizes AI for every individual in the organization and creates a simple, user-friendly collaboration
platform to seamlessly manage critical ML deployments.

Connect with various data sources to get your structured / unstructured
data loaded into PredictSense for further processing, analysis and model training

Process the data using automated data preparation and feature engineering, along with an option for custom feature generation. Select a prediction variable for model building

Select ML algorithms from a given list and generate multiple models from the given data and prediction variable selected previously

Evaluate best model based on their accuracy scores and standard performance metrics, along with deep insights from graphs

Start getting predictions by deploying the best model as a complete container. Deploy it as a standalone web application along with an option to integrate using APIs

Why organizations love PredictSense

Enterprises across diverse industries use PredictSense to maximize their business value with the
power of AutoML.

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Case studies

  • Collection cost optimization with machine learning

    The client was in the business of collections with reference to Consumer delinquencies.

  • Intelligent collection amount recommendation system

    The client was in the business of collections with reference to Consumer delinquencies.

  • AI based tenant scoring solution

    US based tenant screening company was using a legacy software to assess the credibility of applicants seeking rental properties.